DROP Guidance

Deferred Retirement Option Program

Are you thinking about entering DROP or have you already entered? If so congratulations, you are nearing the end of distinguished career! There are a few different factors that go into entering DROP. One of the more important ones is that you must be in the Pension plan. After that, there are few different requirements depending on service time or age that make you qualified to enter DROP. We can go over these with you and the state to make sure you are eligible. When one of our clients enter DROP, we make sure they have a plan that extends all the way through retirement. If you do not have a plan with a financial planner, it can be very easy for retirement to not go as planned. We have seen many mistakes made over the years, and simple decisions can mean the difference between a successful retirement or stressful one. As always our consultations are complimentary so we can see if you are heading in the right direction.