Invested Educators

Our Mission

When we started Invested Educators it was because we saw an immense need for Fiduciaries in teacher’s retirement plans. We have had many teachers come through our doors that have been given advice or investment products that we strongly disagreed with. We decided to build Invested Educators to offer teachers what they were not getting before, unbiased and ethical investment advice. We are Fiduciaries, which means we are always legally obligated to act in our teachers’ best interests. You do not have to wonder whether you’re getting the right investment advice. We do not offer a cookie cutter approach like most companies in teacher management. We believe each teacher has unique needs, whether it is protecting your assets, growing your portfolio, or developing a financial plan to get you to and through retirement, we will help you identify and implement the right custom solution.


Why Choose Us

Honesty. Integrity. Trust. We are Fiduciaries, obligated to always act in your best interest. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

403b Management

403b’s tailored to your goals. Unlike most other plans, we don’t use cookie cutter products, we don’t have surrender penalties, and we don’t work off of commission; so you know you’re getting unbiased and ethical advice.

FRS Investment Guidance

Are you in the Pension or Investment plan? We offer a complimentary consultation to make sure you’re set up where you need to be, and in the right investment options.

DROP Guidance

Are you in DROP or thinking about entering DROP? We offer superior planning and guidance at the late stages of your career to make sure you’re set up for your golden years.