Portfolio Styles

Management Portfolios

Aggressive Growth Portfolio

This portfolio's objective is long-term capital appreciation. This strategy invests primarily in domestic and foreign equities, while seeking some stability with modest investments in fixed-income securities. 

Growth Portfolio

This portfolio seeks long-term capital appreciation and is designed to help investors take advantage of the potential for stock market growth by investing primarily in domestic and foreign securities in addition to modest investments in fixed-income securities for stability. 

Moderate Growth/Balanced Portfolio

When suitable, this strategy is designed to provide attractive long-term growth with lower volatility than an equity only portfolio. The income portion of the portfolio allows for investors to receive a stream of income if needed and is built with a focus on providing balanced and varied exposure by investing in both equity and fixed-income securities.

Income & Growth Portfolio

This portfolio is designed, when suitable, for an investor that is primarily seeking income with extremely low volatility. The objective of this strategy is to coalesce the growth potential of equities with the balance that fixed-income securities can provide.

  • Some of the components used in this strategy will include, but are not limited to: preferred stock, corporate and high yield bonds, private and public REIT’s and note offerings, high yielding common stocks, fixed and equity indexed annuities, Government Securities, Certificates of Deposit Municipal Bonds, Money Market Funds, and various alternative investments.

Income & Capital Preservation

This portfolio protects from capital loss and acts as a safeguard against inflation. This strategy invests in fixed-income and equity securities and is designed to be best suited for investors who seek stability and current income. 

SWM Alternative Investments Portfolio

Our alternative investments, when appropriate, seek to take advantage of major macroeconomic trends in five primary markets: equities, debt, commodities, real estate, and currencies.

  • The objective is to maximize total return by aggressively investing in these market categories using Siler Wealth Management’s geopolitical and macroeconomic trend research. The portfolio is based on a short/intermediate macroeconomic outlook for the five primary market areas based on fundamental and technical analyses. These objectives can be reached only with clients that meet the suitability requirements of each investment.
  • Our Alternative Investment Portfolio may invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), tradable open-end mutual funds, closed-end funds, and in limited cases, individual equity securities based on the client’s objectives and suitability.